September 14, 2015

Book Review: Body of Proof by John Ferak

Title: Body of Proof
Author: John Ferak
Genre: True Crime 
Publisher: WildBlue Press
Release Date: July 11, 2015
Source: Self Purchase
Reviewed by: Kat

Book Summary

When they met, Jessica O'Grady was a tall, starry-eyed Omaha, Nebraska co-ed in search of Mr. Right, Christopher Edwards was a deceitful and darkened soul. In May of 2006, Jessica's mystifying disappearance and a blood-soaked mattress turned into Nebraska's biggest news story. 
Enter Douglas County Sheriff's CSI stalwart Dave Kofoed, driven to solve high-profile murders and in this case would lead to questions surrounding the forensic evidence used against Edwards. 

My Thoughts

Fantastic read! Unlike any other true crime I've read so far, the murder case of Jessica O'Grady involved not only facts about the crime, but revelations of suspicious evidence findings of a reputable law enforcement official. There was never any real doubt as to who the killer was, however, there was one major obstacle to get a conviction. Jessica's body was never found, and the killer would not admit to doing it nor disclose where he disposed of her remains. The case was purely a forensic one. With no body to prove how she was killed, it was imperative that the forensic evidence be as strong as possible to put him away for the crime. In comes a very ambitious director of the entire city's forensic unit with a habit of conveniently finding rock solid, yet previously overlooked, evidence and we have a scandal of epic proportions.  

The author used his monumental talent to expertly take us through the facts of this case. Very well researched and written, this book is extremely compelling, well crafted and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Serious movie material. Highly recommend it to fans of true crime! 

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