June 9, 2015

Review: Shirley Turner-Doctor, Stalker, Murderer by Kelly Banaski

Title: Shirley Turner - Doctor, Stalker, Murderer
Series: Crimes Canada #4
Author: Kelly Banaski
Genre: True Crime 
Publisher: Vronsky Parker Publications
Release Date: June 5, 2015
Source: Self purchase
Reviewer: Kat

Book Summary

On November 6, 2001, Dr. Andrew Bagby was found dead in a parking lot for day use at Keystone State Park in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. He had been shot to death. There were five gunshot wounds as well as blunt force trauma to the back of the head. He had been shot in both the face and chest as well as the back of the head, back and buttocks. He was left face down in the parking lot in his scrubs, next to his Toyota Corolla. He died there. 

The bizarre murder case of Andrew Bagby entails far more than death, although it has that threefold. It also brought to light a woefully inept Canadian legal system and the frighteningly dark mental descent of a woman scorned. 

While evidence was steadily mounting against her, Dr. Shirley Turner dropped everything, left her car, apartment and every worldly possession, and went back to Canada. By the time Pennsylvania had an open warrant on her, she was in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. There, she gave birth to Andrew's son, Zachary. 

While in jail, she wrote to a judge. Against legal precedent, this judge wrote her back and gave her legal advice on how to proceed with her case. The United States presented evidence of her crimes and their investigation and findings thus far. It was overwhelming. Her lies were exposed, her gun casings matched and witnesses placed her car next to his at the time of the murder. 

What happened next is one of the strangest decisions in legal history.

My Thoughts

Well researched and written, this heartbreaking tale of neglect is beyond appalling. The innocent lives that suffered firstly because of one woman's staggering self-obsessiveness, and secondly because of the neglect of social program administration, makes for one truly tragic tale. 

The fact that this woman was a doctor, and a true sociopath, is absolutely frightening. How she continued to get away with her wild and crazy antics over the years is beyond me. But I guess that's what sociopaths do. They fool people with their charming side. 

Thank god for people like the Bagby's (Andrew's mother and father). Because of them, meaningful change was made to our country's system. Their perseverance paid off and should improve the lives of many children. Bless their hearts.   

Highly recommend this one to all my fellow fans of True Crime.  

**Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, I designed the cover for this book. 

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  1. Thank you for this kind review. Im so glad you enjoyed it.