April 24, 2015

Review: From New York to the Smokies by Wayne Zurl

Title: From New York to the Smokies
Author: Wayne Zurl
Series: Sam Jenkins Mysteries
Genre: Crime Fiction/Police Procedural
Publisher: Melange Books
Release Date: April 16, 2015
Source: Provided by Author
Reviewed by: Kat

Book Summary

Five mysteries spanning more than four decades in the life of career police officer Sam Jenkins. 

THE BOAT TO PRISON — set in 1963 when a teenaged Jenkins and his friends attempt to foil a plot to kill a Long Island union leader and keep Sam’s shop steward father from doing hard time. 

FAVORS drops readers into a New York of 1985 when Lieutenant Sam Jenkins mounts an unofficial investigation to learn why one of his civilian employees isn’t overjoyed about her promotion to police officer and uncovers a history of unreported and unspeakable crimes. 

ODE TO WILLIE JOE, ANGEL OF THE LORD, and MASSACRE AT BIG BEAR CREEK brings the reader up to date with three adventures of Chief Jenkins and the officers of Prospect PD, a police department serving a small town in the Great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. UFO sightings, a serial killer on the loose, and the most brutal murders and feud between mountain folk since the Hatfields and McCoys pushes Sam to use every trick he’s learned in a lifetime of detective work to resolve these incidents on his “peaceful side of the Smokies.”

My Thoughts

Zurl is a natural born storyteller! He recounts these crime-solving tales with such ease, you'll actually feel like your mind is being smoothly caressed. With memorable characters and vivid detail, these are the kind of stories you'd love to hear conveyed around an evening's campfire. 

I found this short story collection to be a refreshing read from the usual non-stop action-packed crime thrillers. Its more a true-to-life account of how our law enforcement actually solves crimes.  

There are a few seriously laugh-out-loud moments at our hero's witty and clever sarcasm. And more importantly when you read this book, you'll bear witness to the compassion with which he does his job. Both resulting in a charming and delightful character. 

This is a very good read and certainly recommend it. I'll be delving into more of the Sam Jenkins' mysteries in the future. 

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