March 15, 2015

Review: Serial Killers Abridged by RJ Parker

Title: Serial Killers Abridged
Author: RJ Parker
Genre: True Crime 
Publisher: RJ Parker Publishing
Release Date: May 31, 2014
Source: Self purchase
Reviewer: Kat

Book Summary

Comprised of 100 serial killers from around the world, each case file is summarized into a short 'Reader's Digest' reading. It will give just enough taste that if you want to read more about a particular serial killer then you can search for related books. From A to Z, starting with Ahmad Suradji and ending with Zhou Kehua. The book will make a great collection for true crime enthusiasts.

There's a bonus chapter 101 of the Long Island Serial Killings written by new-comer Jennifer J. Slate who released her debut true crime book, Missing Wives, Missing Lives in June 2014 and published by RJ Parker Publishing, Inc.

My Thoughts

This is a great book for someone new to true crime or someone who prefers short works and compendiums. If you want to know the gist of the crimes of the most depraved serial killers in history, then this book will give you that information. Included are 100 serial killer cases recounting the main facts of their horrific deeds and their sentencing. 

As with all of RJ Parker's works, this one is well researched and full of information. In spite of the short style of each case, the author does a spectacular job at retelling the events in a factual, objective and succinct manner.  

Highly recommend this one to fans of True Crime new and old.  

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