January 10, 2015

Review: Cold Blooded by Bernard Lee DeLeo

Title: Cold Blooded
Author: Bernard Lee DeLeo
Series: Nick McCarty, #1
Genre: Crime Fiction/Pulp Fiction Thriller
Publisher: R.J. Parker Publishing
Release Date: December 30, 2013
Source: Self Purchase
Reviewed by: Kat

Book Summary

Nick McCarty decides after ten years of black ops assassinations it's time for a change. Against the wishes of his shadow government bosses he has inexplicably managed to become a bestselling author with a string of novels about an assassin named Diego. The novels have made him world famous and provided a cover for his overseas sanctions. He bought a beautiful place in Pacific Grove, California near the ocean where he treks down to his favorite spot at Otter's Point every morning he's not away on assignment. But Nick feels something's missing.

A sometime employer Nick takes on sanctions from when they coincide with the wishes of his government sponsors orders the death of a woman in the witness protection program. Nick sees something in the woman's picture reminding him of someone he knew long ago. After a brief journey up to the restaurant in Northern California where his potential target, Rachel Hunter, works as a waitress, Nick makes a decision to alter his lifestyle. Hayden Tanus, the CEO of Tanus Import/Export looks out the window of his plush office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan wondering briefly if Rachel Hunter was finally dead. The fifty caliber bullet made a small hole in his window and a large one as it exited his head.

In the following days, playing the role of famous author doing research for his new novel, Nick enters Rachel's life. He inadvertently triggers an unforeseen chain of events launching him in a cross country flight with Rachel, her daughter Jean, and Deke the dog. Rachel has secrets. The people still wanting her dead are about to find out a cold blooded killer now stands in their way and body counts mean absolutely nothing to him.

My Thoughts

Strap yourselves in folks for a wild ride. Nick McCarty is on a mission and this badass assassin will not let anyone or anything stop him from doing what he set out to do.

His mission took a quick turn when Nick decides to protect a woman and her child who are under witness protection rather than killing her as he was hired to do. Many other hired hands step in to take his place and Nick sure does have his hands full protecting them from assassins just as ruthless as he is.

Fast-paced, exciting and full of non-stop action, this is a very thrilling read. Surprisingly with a nice sense of humour and even romantic elements. Truly something for everyone to enjoy in this story.

What strikes me most about this novel is the ability of the author to persuade us to root for and invest so deeply in this seemingly heartless antihero and unfeeling psychopath. I can't imagine anyone not finding themselves rooting for this bad boy. I was also most impressed with the way the author skillfully draws us into a scene, at times pretty brutal, but in a way that we get an appreciation for the violence that's happening while not completely horrified to be there or traumatized by it. A true testament to the skill of a proficient writer. Well done Mr. DeLeo!

Great characters overall, great story, and well-written. If you are a fan of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne series, you'd enjoy this one for sure. Highly recommend it!

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